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Dear Boylston Schul-Verein Adult German Language School Community,

In order to show our preparedness and readiness for an In-Building/In-Person/ In-Class school start at the Boylston Schul-Verein/ BSV we would like to outline our guidelines and regulations in the context of Covid-19.

The following rules and regulations therefore will apply to every school evening:

  • It is extremely crucial that students, staff and BSV community stay at home when they show any symptoms! (Please contact the school or your classroom teacher immediately.)

  • All students, teaching staff and BSV community must social distance at an appropriate distance at all times, keeping the required distance of 6 feet whenever possible.

  • Sign-In and Sign-Out is needed at the BSV “Welcome Table”/ Entrance for students, teaching staff and all volunteers and guests of the BSV.

  • There will be a temperature check for all at the “Welcome” Table (at Entrance/ Sign-In table).

  • Wearing a mask is required, except while sitting at the assigned/ chosen classroom seat.

  • Students, teaching staff and all volunteers and guests supply their own masks, the BSV has extra masks for support at the “Sign-In/Sign-Out” table (for a small fee ).

  • All Language School and BSV community is requested to walk on the right side of the hallways.

  • Sani-wipes/ hand washing etc. at the “Welcome” Table (Sign-In/ Sign-Out) is requested.

  • Students are asked to remain in their own classroom, at their assigned or chosen seats or desks and avoid all forms of physical contact (shaking hands, hugging, etc.).

  • Students cannot be allowed to share their equipment (pens, books, laptops, etc.).

  • Each student has to bring the materials they need for each lesson.


Further Information on the first evening of classes back at the Boylston Schul-Verein:

  • The classroom teacher is not only a German Language teacher, but also a close contact perso for students regarding social-emotional well-being . In this special time, the classroom teachers will be even more important to support the student and will help them feel safe and welcome in their environment.

  • Classrooms, bathrooms and BSV common areas will be sanitized and wiped by the BSV before every school evening.

  • Air circulation in rooms and hallways has been checked and approved by the Town of Walpole.

  • The BSV Ratskeller has to remain closed for the entire duration of the evening. (This decision might change in the future.)

  • If you feel sick or cannot attend school for other reasons, please inform the school as soon as possible by either sending an email to, or by calling (508) 660-2018 or by notifying the classroom teacher.

  • Additional Contact Details:

    • Heike Hrinishin, Chair of School,, 781-879-8027 (Cell)

    • Karl Nestelberger, Club Manager, 508-641-7541 (Cell)

    • Dave Sauer, Building Manager,

    • Angela DeMartino, Club President,

    • Remote Learning/ Online -Class/ Remote Platform may have to be put in place of our In-Person/In-Class German Language Instruction if required due to an illness or demanded by the Town of Walpole or the State of MA.

  • Please arrive 30 minutes before class start ( 7.30pm) to receive your books, find your classroom and decide on your classroom seat and get to know your teacher!

  • Our first evening of classes will take place on Thursday, September 17. Classes will start at 7.30pm and go to 9.30pm.


Thank you for all your support in reopening the Boylston Schul-Verein Adult German Language
School in these uncertain times. We do not take for granted any of the efforts you are willing to
make in order for our students and staff to stay safe and are looking forward to welcoming you
(back) soon!

Best wishes for a successful school year 2021-2022,

Mit den besten Wünschen fuer ein erfolgreiches Schuljahr 2021-2022,

Heike Hrinishin

Boylston Schul-Verein
Adult German Language School
Walpole, MA