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I took German language classes many years ago (or have used online Apps to learn German).  How do I know which class level is best for me?

We provide placement exams as well as the opportunity to speak with a fluent German speaker to help with the original placement.  In addition, we allow students who register to move up or down a level after a few classes if that makes sense for the student.

How long has the Adult German Language School been in existence?

The Adult German Language School was established in 1974 - so we are now celebrating our 50th year! We continue to adjust the school program to meet the needs of our students. In 2019, we added 4 Beginner level classes so students with some German language skills can enroll in the most appropriate level. As a non-profit, we make every effort to keep costs down. For a non-BSV Member, the $600 tuition comes to only $20 a class. In addition, most students will use the same books for 2 calendar years.

How do I become a Boylston Schul-Verein Member to get the $100 discount on tuition?

Please click on the attached link to submit your Membership Application.


Can I sit in on a class? 

Yes, we encourage prospective students to drop by any Thursday evening to sit in on a class. We simply ask that you arrange in advance so we can advise the teacher.

Why learn the German language? Reason #1

German-Americans are one of the largest ancestry groups in the United States. Reconnect with your family lineage. You will learn about Germany's culture and rich history as well as challenging yourself intellectually.

Why learn the German language? Reason # 2

You are planning a trip to Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Europe. Or you work for a firm based in Germany or doing business in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. German is the second most spoken language in Europe after English. Imagine ordering food (or better yet beer!) in German while in Germany. As the world's 4th largest global economy, being able to speak and do business in German may help with sales or career advancement.

I may miss several weeks of class as I will be out of town on business. Can I be reimbursed for missed classes?

Unfortunately, we do not offer reimbursement for missed classes.  However, the teacher will provide you with their notes/study materials for each class as well as homework assignments. They will work with you as best as possibe to stay current.

Do you offer any online classes?

No, we do not offer online classes. We have found that our students learn best in a classroom environment and have more fun in the process!


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